Professional Forecourt Services specialise in quality consultancy services for petrol filling stations.

These services include:

  • Site Documentation
  • Forecourt Safety Audits
  • Risk Assessments
  • Staff Forecourt Safety Training
  • Design Services
    A comprehensive range of services, from project start to finish, for refurbishments or new builds.

Our staff have an unusually wide range of experience. This covers both civil engineering and fuel equipment, and includes design, construction and maintenance, underpinned by a working knowledge of the regulations for service stations. They also have a good knowledge of forecourt operation and safety matters.

The services we offer complement each other: experience gained in one service is applied to all the services. For example our experience of risk assessments, helps improve the safety of our designs.

This broad range of in-depth experience, together with our detailed knowledge of both civil engineering and fuel equipment costs, enables us provide quality services that ensure value for money. As we are not connected to any supplier or contractor, our advice is totally independent.


  • PETROL STATION GROUP FINED 4,500 for inadequately trained attendant left in charge.
  • A drunk man lit a cigarette while filling a jerry can with petrol. The cigarette in his mouth ignited the petrol. The petrol exploded, his car burst into flames and the man was blown 4.5 metres through the air.
  • Business man fined 740 for illegal storage of petrol during fuel crisis.
  • Sale of Petrol to 13 year old boy cost licensee 600,000 after one boy suffered 70% burns in later accident.
  • Supermarket fined 9000 for vent pipes leaking at ground level.