Construction Monitoring

What is the purpose of monitoring?

Monitoring of construction involves regular site visits to check the quality, accuracy and progress of the work. Problems encountered can be investigated and resolved. Such problems may be due to unexpected obstructions buried in the ground that were unknown until the contractor started to excavate.

What benefits would a specialist bring?

  • Appropriate training and experience to assess the quality of the work, and conformity to the plans
  • Experience and knowledge of legislation to consider problems arising and determine appropriate alterations to the design
  • A lot of detail is required for monitoring to be effective, so suitable experience can save a lot of time

The construction work should be examined regularly to ensure that it is in accordance with the plans and specifications. It is very easy for faulty work to be buried so that no one is the wiser - until the contractor has left the site and you are left with the problems! For example concrete can look much the same to the untrained eye, despite being of very different strengths and durability. The earlier such faults can be detected, the easier it is likely to be to resolve the problem. Because of our range of experience, we would be more likely to spot such problems, and be able to specify how they should be resolved.

While carrying out the work, your contractors may find something that was not expected. Before the ground is excavated, it is difficult to know exactly what is underneath the surface. For example, pipes may not be where they were thought to be, or there may be an unexpected variation in ground conditions. To accommodate this, your project would need to be adjusted while still conforming to the regulations and your intentions. Our knowledge of the regulations and the design philosophy would enable us to make the necessary adjustments quickly whilst minimising their costs.

Building contractors may not have had experience of filling station work before. It can often help them to have someone on site to discuss what is involved. Our practical experience enables us to fulfil that role.

Our practical experience of building and fuel equipment installation ensures that we are well placed to monitor the construction of your project. Whether or not we are your designer, we could still monitor the construction for you if required.