Design Services

Forecourt Refurbishment & New Build

Specialist professional advice would give your project:-

  • Quality
  • Short and long-term economy
  • Easy and safe construction and operation
  • Compliance with all legislation

What would a specialist consultant need to achieve this?

  1. Quality
  2. Broad practical experience:-
    • In design, construction and installation
    • In maintenance and operation
      Of both:-
    • Building work
    • Fuel equipment
  3. Forecourt experience:-
    • In safety and operation
    • Of applying the regulations
    • Covering a range of possible solutions
    • Of recent developments

How would these help you?


Poor quality work may be cheaper in the first place, but can be very expensive in the long run. For maximum long-term economy, good quality work at all stages of design and construction is best. Our commitment to quality along with our broad range of experience enables us both to produce high quality designs in accordance with your requirements, and to check the construction to ensure that quality is maintained throughout.

Broad practical experience

Having practical experience in both construction work and fuel equipment, at all stages from design to operation, ensures that we are well placed to meet your needs. Because of our wide range of experience, we are able to:-

  • Assess what is possible on your site
  • Compare different options for you
  • Compare detailed costs of both construction and fuel work to produce an economic design
  • Consider cost, safety & ease of construction/installation, and of future maintenance, thus minimizing your overall costs and disruption to your site
  • Maintain a unity throughout your project without neglecting detail
  • Help you to fulfill your legal responsibilities as the client for safety. Construction legislation gives safety responsibilities to clients as well as to designers and contractors

Forecourt experience

We specialize in petrol station work, including refurbishments, risk assessments and staff training. From previous experience with a forecourt contractor, we also have 'hands on' experience of fuel equipment installation and maintenance. Few in this field are as accustomed to both the construction and operation of filling stations, and hence the safety issues involved. Our experience means that we are familiar with a wide range of options for reducing such risks. This unusual combination of continuing experience ensures that your service station is designed with safety and operational benefits as priorities.

Example of completed filling station.

Because of our continuous involvement with filling station development:-

  • Our knowledge of the legislation is kept up to date
  • The latest developments in fuel equipment are known
  • We can give you up-to-date advice
  • The appropriate regulations are applied economically
  • If there is a case for relaxing the regulations, we can effectively present arguments for this
  • Our familiarity with a range of solutions to different problems helps us to achieve economy
  • The detailed knowledge of the regulations can help to solve unusual problems

You may want to keep part of your site open during construction work. Our specialist experience can help you to gain approval for this, and ensure that your work is carried out safely in such situations.

To carry out a refurbishment or new build of a filling station can involve a lot of documents, including plans, contracts, Health & Safety documentation, etc.. Because we specialize in this area, we have standard documents tailored to the needs of filling station refurbishment, that can be easily adjusted to your specific needs, saving you expense.

We have all that is needed to manage your forecourt project from start to finish.

  • We have an unusual range of experience
  • Our services offer you best value for your requirements
  • We offer a comprehensive service from conception to completion of your project

Typical stages a project would go through are:-

  • Developing and costing a range of outline solutions. See Feasibility Studies for more details.
  • Preparing the detailed design and applying for statutory approvals. See Detailed design for more details.
  • Preparing tender documents. See Tendering for more details.
  • Conforming to the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations (CDM). See Planning Supervisor for more details.
  • Monitoring the work for quality and accuracy. See Construction Monitoring for more details.
  • Preparing the Health & Safety File. See Health & Safety File for more details.

Whether you want a consultant to manage your whole project or just one stage of it, we would be pleased to help.