Detailed Design

Detailed design:

  • Checks that all the details of the proposed scheme are compatible
  • Is required for Planning Consent and Building Warrant applications
  • Enables the Petroleum Officer to approve your proposals in detail
  • Shows contractors tendering clearly what to price for
  • Shows the successful contractor what to build, and where

Our services include an accurate land survey of your site including levels. This will be needed for the detailed design. From this survey, the powerful up to date computer software that we use is able to produce the survey in plan form efficiently and therefore at lower cost to you. We also use this software to produce the final plans. Being computer based, we can alter them easily and therefore economically, while maintaining clear readable drawings.

Example of computer generated view.

We are able to prepare detailed designs and estimates. These designs take into account existing and known future legislative requirements. Our practical experience in all aspects of the construction and maintenance of petrol stations enables us to produce designs that are economic and also minimize future maintenance. This background also means that our designs can make building your project easier and quicker, saving you disruption and loss of business.

For some projects, you may want the forecourt to be kept open while the work is carried out. We may be able to arrange the design so that your site is kept open most of the time. This depends on the suitability of the site and also requires the Petroleum Officer's agreement.

Various statutory authorities may need to be consulted, to ensure that the plans conform to their requirements. We include this consultation as part of our services. Our familiarity with the background to the petroleum regulations enables us to present a clear case for any variations from the standard guidelines to Petroleum Officers.

Our services also include preparing and submitting planning and building warrant applications, and liasing with these authorities.