Feasibility Studies

The feasibility study that we offer considers various ways to develop your site, and estimates the costs of each one. We are not qualified to advise you on the financial viability of your project, but we do provide a realistic estimate of the project costs. In this way, we can give efficient assistance for you or your financial adviser to assess your project's viability.

A feasibility study would help you to:-

  • Check that your requirements could be achieved
  • See if there are other options worth considering
  • Decide what is financially viable, by providing a realistic estimate of costs

We visit you to discuss your requirements, and see how they can be fitted in to your site. Often we will be able to suggest other ideas that you may want to consider. Perhaps a slightly different arrangement could improve the convenience of your operations, or significantly reduce the cost. Our experience enables us to suggest various possibilities to help you to choose what you think will be best.

Our knowledge of current prices for the various aspects of the work enables us to give you preliminary estimates quickly for various options. This will help you to choose which to consider further.

With estimates of the costs involved, you or your financial adviser will be able to assess if the project will be financially viable. These preliminary estimates are not fixed final costs, but give you a clear indication of the budget required. Alternatively, if you have a pre-set budget, we can advise you what can be done for that sum.

You may be eligible for grant assistance in some circumstances. We can give you assistance with grant applications where appropriate, to enable you to present the best case for grant assistance. Sometimes a risk assessment can be of benefit to persuade grant-awarding bodies of the necessity of your project. See Risk Assessments for more details.