The Health & Safety File

The health & safety file is an important document required by legislation. If it is properly prepared, it can be a very useful resource on your site.

The health & safety file should include:

  • Design and construction details, including as built drawings, construction methods and materials, details of suppliers, test certificates, etc.
  • Operation and maintenance details
  • Emergency procedures
  • Hazards that may be encountered in future work
  • Hazards due to the site operations

As you can see, it includes a wide range of information on both the building and fuel aspects, relating to the construction and operation of your project. We are well placed by our experience in design, construction/installation, maintenance and operation to complete your health & safety file.

Our comprehensive forecourt 'health & safety file' template is easily developed to cover all the details of your own site. Having such a template saves time, and so reduces your costs, while still producing a very detailed site-specific document.