Planning Supervisor

Most service station refurbishments or new builds will come under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations, (CDM). This specifies certain responsibilities for the client, including appointing a competent Planning Supervisor, Designer and Principal Contractor.

What does the Planning Supervisor do?

  • Notify HSE of the project
  • Ensure that designers comply with their duties
  • Check that the pre-tender health & safety plan is prepared
  • Advise the client on the competence of designers and contractors if requested. The client could be held liable if there was no appropriate assessment of the competence of designers or contractors
  • Advise the client on the suitability of the contractor's construction stage health & safety plan
  • Ensure that the health & safety file is prepared and delivered to the client. See Health & Safety File for more details.

All the requirements of this role are included in the services that we offer. Construction and petroleum each have serious hazards. With our detailed knowledge of both aspects we are well placed to assess safety requirements of your project. We can prepare health & safety plans or assess them, and advise on suitable alterations to them if required.

If part of your site is to be kept open during the work, this will present additional Health & Safety requirements for site operation, fuel deliveries, and construction. Our experience of the operational requirements of filling stations enables us to assess what can be done safely. We can also present a suitable case to your Petroleum Officer to allow the site to remain open, and prepare the necessary Health & Safety arrangements.

Your Planning Supervisor may, or may not be, the same company or person as your designer. We could act as your Planning Supervisor with or without designing your project.